Fox Collection Christmas 2019

BEAD EMBROIDERY Exquisite bead embroidery kits from the Ukraine. Create a three dimensional masterpiece. The robust canvas used in these kits is designed to bear the weight of the beads and will keep its shape over time. Your Bead Embroidery kits include design printed in full colour on durable natural cotton art canvas with vinyl coating, glass beads, beading needles and instructions. Thread is not included but any sewing or beading thread may be used. BOHO CHAIN STITCH & LATCH HOOK Vervaco have combined chain stitch with latch hook to create fabulous texture and dimension. Your Chain Stitch & Latch Hook cushion kits include design hand painted in colour on 4.5-mesh polycotton canvas, pre-cut acrylic yarn, latch hook tool, cushion back and instructions. Boho Stripes also includes uncut yarn for chain stitch and a needle. 40 x 40 cm $69.95 each or buy two $125.90 or $31.48 x 4 months A. 62875 Boho Kuba Latch hook B. 62874 Boho Ethnic Latch hook C. 62873 Boho Stripes Chain stitch and latch hook LATCH HOOK RUGS Llamas and cacti, two popular motifs, on easy-to-stitch latch hook rugs. From Anex-Bis in Poland. Your Latch Hook rug kits include design printed on 4.5-mesh polycotton canvas, pre-cut acrylic yarn, latch hook tool and instructions. 75 x 50 cm $159.00 each or buy two $286.00 or $57.20 x 5 months Buy two SAVE $32 Buy two SAVE $14 A B C Go to to view chain stitch how-to vide o C A B D E 62872 Cactus 62871 Llama A. Spring 30 x 30 cm 62122 $49.95 or $24.98 x 2 months B. Beauty Of Autumn 29 x 40 cm 62877 $109.00 or $27.25 x 4 months C. Star Cat 20 x 20 cm 62879 $49.95 or $24.98 x 2 months D. Cranes 55 x 24 cm 62878 $123.00 or $30.75 x 4 months E. Mermaid 23 x 30 cm 62876 $89.00 or $22.25 x 4 months 24 THE FOX COLLECTION - THE CATALOGUE FOR NEEDLEWORKERS AND CRAFTERS