Fox Collection Christmas 2019

KIDS’ DIAMOND PAINTING Children will love these easy diamond mosaic kits from Vervaco. For children 8 years and older. Your Diamond Painting kits include design printed on quality polyester fabric with adhesive finish, pre-sorted acrylic facets, stylus, tray and wax. 22 x 22 cm $29.95 each A. 62800 Llama B. 62782 Unicorn DOLLS Cute and quirky dolls to create, from the Ukraine. Your Sewing kit includes linen fabric with printed face, fabric, patterns, shoes and accessories, trims, yarn for hair, and instructions. 45 cm tall $129.00 or $32.25 x 4 months each 60621 Mary 60622 Autumn 60623 Chocolate Girl 60624 Becky MACRAME KITS Everything old is new again, and this popular craft from the 1970s is making a comeback, so knot your way to some stylish home decor. You r Macrame kits include cord, beads, trims, dowel or hoop, finials as required, needle and fully illustrated instructions. A B B C A. 62880 Christmas Tree 20 x 61 cm $29.95 B. 60283 Tree Of Life 20 x 61 cm $29.95 C. 62164 Owl Planter 23 x 81 cm $39.95 D. 60639 Zigzag 2 mm cord, 30 x 81 cm $29.95 E. 62881 Poinsettia Ring 20 x 53 cm $29.95 62884 Mandala 62882 Floral Pattern 62883 Modern Floral PUNCHNEEDLE EMBROIDERY KITS Fabulous three-dimensional punchneedle embroidery creates beautiful texture. Your Punchneedle Embroidery kits include design printed on white fabric, wool yarn and instructions. Tool and an embroidery hoop required, but not included. 20 x 20 cm $29.95 each D PUNCHNEEDLE EMBROIDERYTOOLS Essential tools from Boye for the craft of punchneedle embroidery, a technique of looping thread, ribbon or yarn through fabric, creating exquisite texture and dimension. A. 60223 3-Hoop Adjustable Stand A sturdy base holds a hoop at two different angles. Includes three easy opening spring hinged hoops, 13 cm, 18 cm and 23 cm. $59.95 or $29.98 x 2 months B. 60224 Adjustable Punchneedle Tool An adjustable length tool, four different gauge needles, a spool and a needle threader. $29.95 B E A A VISIT OUR WEBSITE AND SHOP SECURELY ONLINE 25