Fox Collection Christmas 2019

ANIMAL LOVIES Babies and toddlers will adore hugging and playing with the 10 fun little blankets in this delightful collection. Each easy-to-knit lovie consists of a 30 cm square blanket made of medium weight yarn and has a handmade toy attached at the centre. 32 pages 45321 $17.95 PAINTING WITH WOOL An introductory guide for fibre artists and other crafters looking for a new and exciting art form to explore. This style of needle felting uses wool fibres and a felting needle to layer and “paint” embellishments, creating pieces bursting with texture and depth. 144 pages hardcover 62667 $34.95 DISHCLOTHS This fabulous collection of 17 crocheted dishcloths includes textures, stripes, circles and flowers. Crochet one or crochet them all, and create a colourful kitchen. Not only do they make great gifts, but they are ideal for practising your crochet skills. 32 pages 60993 $15.95 EVERY WHICH WAY CROCHET BORDERS These 139 inventive crochet borders offer the perfect finishing touch to all your crafting projects, whether you are looking for whimsical, wide or wavy. Choosing a border doesn’t need to be difficult, because here you have so many to choose from. 220 pages spiral-bound hardcover 50029 $29.95 QUILT-STYLE CROCHET THROWS Six colourful designs that re-create the beauty of quilts with the ease of crochet. Designs include Granny’s Colour Palette, Denim Plaid, Puzzled Hearts, Snowflakes In Blue, Windmills In The Willows and Raspberry &Thyme. 16 pages 60997 $14.95 OVERLAY CROCHET Texture lovers meet overlay crochet! Nine impressive decor projects offering unbeatable comfort for your home are just stitches away. Dense layers of texture can be found in a rug, placemat and coaster set, mandala, basket, pouf, towel, blanket, pillow and crossbody bag. 64 pages 62664 $24.95 BLOCKS & STRIPS Decorating your home is easy when you work in small steps. The seven inviting afghans in this book are all a breeze to make because each is crocheted just one block or strip at a time. You’ll be finished before you know it! 32 pages 60442 $15.95 BEAUTIFUL BLANKETS, AFGHANS & THROWS Leonie Morgan showcases her vibrant colour and stitch combinations in this stunning crochet collection of 40 afghan patterns. Featuring both stitch patterns and blocks, there is plenty to please row-by-row enthusiasts and granny square lovers. 128 pages 48150 $29.95 MINI KNITTED COSMOS Take your knitting to infinity and beyond and create an entire universe of cute and quirky cosmic toys. Includes astronauts, space shuttles, moon buggies, UFOs, rockets, planets and a whole host of astro-animals. There’s no limit to the fun you can have with these cute knits. 128 pages 62666 $29.95 OVERSIZED SWEATERS Weekends are for comfort and so are these six oversized crocheted garments. Hang out in a long hoodie, go downtown in a stylish sweater, throw on a poncho, snuggle up in a swingy jacket for extra warmth, slip into a striped tunic or soft pullover. So many choices! 48 pages 62665 $19.95 40 THE FOX COLLECTION - THE CATALOGUE FOR NEEDLEWORKERS AND CRAFTERS