Fox Collection Christmas 2019

46725 With Age Comes Wisdom 48137 Getting Older 60348 Laugh ‘Til You Leak 48616 Have Yourself A Sassy Little Christmas 48787 Guide To Life 60495 Office Manual AUNTY ACID Aunty Acid has been on this planet a long time, gathering a whole bunch of wisdom along the way, and she shares it with you here. You’ll be laughing out loud on every page. $14.95 each or buy two $26.90 SAVE $3 48618 Guide To Love 62691 Majestic Floral 62692 Kittens 62693 Apple Blossom 2020 SEQUINNED CALENDARS Quick and easy to complete, these colourful calendars make great Christmas gifts. Your Sequin kits include pre-printed polyester calendar, pre-sorted sequins, beads, dowel, decorative finials and instructions. 41 x 61 cm $25.95 each or buy two $46.90 or $23.45 x 2 months SAVE $5 D E C B G 62694 Butterflies A SIMPLICITY VINTAGE Add retro flair to your Christmas giving with this charming collection of gift items inspired by classic Simplicity fashions from bygone days, and featuring genuine Simplicity artwork. A. 62695 1950s Notes & Notions A note pad with seventy-five 11 x 23 cm sheets of lined paper and magnetic backing. $9.95 B. 62696 1940s Tea Towel A blend of polyester, rayon and cotton, measuring 55 x 71 cm. $11.95 C. 62698 1960s Notebook 120 lined pages with retro illustrations and hardcover. 21 x 14 cm $13.95 D. 62700 Embroidery Scissors Antique brushed metal style scissors for embroidery 11 cm in length. $15.95 E. 62697 1950s Shopping Bag Measures 50 x 40 cm not including handles, and folds into a 12 x 12 cm pouch. $11.95 F. 62699 1950s Coasters Set of six fashionable coasters each 10 x 10 cm. $13.95 G. 62702 1960s Paper Dolls Includes one free-standing double-sided doll and five double-sided perforated outfits and accessories, plus a storage folder. $9.95 F CALL NOW ON 1300 361 126 OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE 45