Fox Collection Christmas 2019

BUTTERFLY NEEDLE THREADERS A set of three adorable butterfly needle threaders in different colours, each measuring 5 x 5 cm. They feature a dual size threader for small and large eye needles, and a cutter on both sides for easy snipping of thread or yarn. 60239 $10.95 QUILTING & SEWING A A B B C D PLUSH FABRIC PAINT Create raised flock-like effects on fabric, adding dimension and soft texture to your craft projects, clothes and home decor. The paint is machine washable after curing and heat-setting. 59 mls $12.95 each or buy three $34.85 CERAMIC THIMBLE ORGANISER A giant ceramic rose gold coloured thimble, great for storing scissors, pens and other sewing and craft tools. It measures 8.5 cm at the base, 12 cm at the top and stands 12.5 cm high. 60816 $19.95 A. 62028 Grey B. 62030 Cream C. 62027 Fairy Floss D. 62029 Tea Dye MAT SMOOTHER Remove knicks, burrs and fibres from your cutting mat without harming the cutting grid with just a few easy sweeps of the mat smoother. 29857 $42.95 or $21.48 x 2 months TWIST ‘N’ SHARP Restore a razor-sharp edge to your rotary cutting blades. You simply twist your rotary blade against the abrasive disk to remove small burrs and dull spots. 45 mm 30165 $43.95 or $21.98 x 2 months Buy three SAVE $4 A. 62755 Lemonade B. 62757 Fruit Punch C. 62761 Blue Slushi D. 62758 Sour Apple E. 62756 Wild Cherry F. 62762 Liquorice G. 62759 Blue Raspberry A B C D E F G QUILT KITS Easily pieced small format wall quilts from Rachels of Greenfield. Your Quilt kit comes with cotton fabrics for quilt top, backing and binding, plus batting, pattern and instructions. 33 x 38 cm Each $49.95 or $24.98 x 2 months A. 62887 Birches B. 60465 Succulents QUEEN QUILT BACKING Attractive cotton backing fabrics for queen size quilts. Each piece measures 2 metres by 2.4 metres. $39.95 each ONLY $99 Spend $100 & then you can buy this for EXCLUSIVE OFFER! See back cover for more details Tabletop Jigsaw Puzzle Board Save $80 52 THE FOX COLLECTION - THE CATALOGUE FOR NEEDLEWORKERS AND CRAFTERS