Fox Collection Christmas 2019

ROXANNE SHARP-N-CAP These 100% water soluble chalk pencils glide smoothly across fabric to produce long-lasting fine lines that can easily be removed with a small amount of warm water or damp cloth. Pack includes two silver and two white 18 cm pencils, four pencil caps and a Roxanne sharpener. 62736 $28.95 FABRIC CIRCLE CUTTER Cut perfect circles and semi-circles with this lightweight and durable cutter with metric and imperial measurements. It features an 18 mm stainless steel blade and a safety cutter, and is designed for left and right- handed use. 62037 $34.95 CLOVER SEAM MARKER SET Mark seam allowances for any shape or pattern. Includes four markers, 3 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm and 10 mm. 62043 $15.95 COLLECTIBLE VINTAGE TINS Set of nine charming vintage tins for tiny notions. Each tin measures 7 x 5 cm and is 3 cm deep. 50467 $19.95 CLOVER SLIDING GAUGE A sliding gauge you can use for spacing and marking buttonholes, seam allowances, hem gauge, compass and T-gauge. It can be set to one millimetre increments. 62044 $25.95 ROLL & PRESS From Clover, this portable, erg onomic roller makes pressing seams or fol ds quick and ea sy. It may be used on straight, curved or paper-pieced seams. 12 c m 60035 $19.95 CLOVER SEWING GAUGE Metal gauge for marking seam allowances and buttonholes, from one to five centimetres in units of five millimetres. 62042 $19.95 LLAMA PINCUSHIONS A cute pincushion duo, the perfect size for your sewing basket. Made of polyester fabric, they are ideal for short and long pins and feature a weighted base. Each 9 x 9 cm 62742 $32.95 THIMBLE-IT & NEEDLEGRIP-IT A handy pack of innovative accessories to reduce finger and hand discomfort when you are stitching. Needle-Grip-It gives your fingers traction for easy needle handling. You simply apply a self-stick dot to the thumb and finger used for pulling needles to reduce hand pain. Thimble-It makes needle control easier and eliminates finger soreness. Apply one self-stick pad to each working fingertip for hours of stitching pleasure. Pack contains 70 Needle-Grip-It dots and 64 Thimble-It pads. 62733 $23.95 CLOVER STITCH GUIDE Perfect for stitching straight or in a curve, as well as top-stitching. Features a re-usable and repositionable adhesive guide and gridded template. 62041 $26.95 THREAD ORGANISER Extra deep and perfect for nearly all common thread spools, this sturdy, stackable clear acrylic organiser will hold 80 spools of thread. 29 x 24 x 8 cm 48856 $19.95 CALL NOW ON 1300 361 126 OR TURN TO PAGE 51 TO ORDER 55