Fox Collection Christmas 2019

Efficient LED technology Touch senstive light controls QUILTING NEEDLES This handy pack for quilters contains 20 big eye size 10 needles, two 5 cm and two 6.4 cm curved needles, and three twin-pointed stab stitch size 10 needles. 62735 $19.95 NEEDLES IN COLLECTIBLE TIN A delightful collectible tin with eight 5-packs of Klasse’ machine needles including universal, ball point, metallic, jeans, stretch, leather, sharps, and embroidery, plus a twin embroidery needle and a twin universal needle. 50069 $34.95 FASHION TWEEZERS Set of six heavy-duty tweezers with a colourful, contemporary theme. Set of 6 each 15 cm long. 60814 $19.95 PREMIUM SCISSOR SET P remium Klasse 22 cm dressmaking scissors, a 1 50 cm retractable tape measure both metric and im perial, plus a matching zippered pouch. 6 0819 $29.95 LED FLOOR LAMPWITH MULTI-LEVEL LIGHTING One lamp, four colour selections! This fabulous floor lamp features efficient LED technology, a flexible goose neck for comfortable light direction, a sturdy base, an AC/DC adaptor and stands 138 cm tall. Its best feature, however, is its multi-level lighting. 45571 $138.00 or $34.50 x 4 months Warm 2800k: Comfortable for general activities, especially for reading and relaxation. Natural 4000k: Shows colours exactly as they are, ideal for crafters. Cool 5500k: Ideal for working late at night, offering a soft light that is gentle on the eyes. White 6400k: Suitable for high definition project work. QUILTER’S WONDER! A 46 cm adjustable, rotating quilting hoop with stand. The hoop rotates and tilts a full 360 degrees on its stable, height adjustable base. The large three-pronged knobs make adjustments easy, while allowing you complete access to the sides and bottom of your quilt. The Quilters Wonder stands up to 95 cm high so you can comfortably quilt in a chair. Lightweight, stable and portable, it also folds down to 41 cm for storage. 62765 $149.00 or $37.25 x 4 months FISKARS SCISSOR SHARPENER Restore your scissor blades to like-new again. Features a comfortable secure grip, steady base for tabletop use, two slots for proper positioning and automatic adjustment to the correct blade angle. 50466 $32.95 56 THE FOX COLLECTION - THE CATALOGUE FOR NEEDLEWORKERS AND CRAFTERS