Fox Collection Christmas 2019

STITCH EZI FRAME The Stitch Ezi frame is uniquely hands-free, fully rotating and collapsible, ideal for using on your lap or on a table top. The rings can be set to any angle and the rotating tension can be adjusted. The 25 cm hoop features a surface designed to hold most fabrics firmly but gently, and the lightweight frame means it is easily transported. 45587 $59.95 or $29.98 x 2 months EMBROIDERY HOOPS A handy pack of three plastic embroidery hoops with a grip lip to hold your fabric tightly in place while stitching. These colourful hoops can also be used to frame your finished project. Pack includes 15, 12 and 9 cm hoops. 62731 $21.95 ANCHOR THREAD Fantastic value thread packs from Anchor. Beautiful, quality, six-stranded, cotton embroidery thread made from long staple Egyptian cotton fibres. Anchor thread is colourfast, mercerised, has a silky texture and finish, and is perfect for all your embroidery projects. Packs include either 100, 150 or 200 eight-metre skeins in assorted colours. 60462 Anchor Thread 100 $99.00 or $24.75 x 4 months 60463 Anchor Thread 150 $149.00 or $37.25 x 4 months 60464 Anchor Thread 200 $199.00 or $49.75 x 4 months 45558 Embroidery 56 short needles with sharp points and large eyes 45559 Beading 48 pointed and blunt tip needles JOHN JAMES NEEDLE S Choose the right needle for t he job! Each set inc ludes four packs o f assorted John James needles in a resealable wallet. $22.95 eac h 45557 Cross Stitch 44 needles for cross stitch, tapestry and ribbon embroidery LED DESK MAGNIFYING LAMP Pretty pastel blue desk lamp with 18 bright LEDs, flexible arm, and a 9 cm diameter 2X magnifying lens. The base is 15 cm in diameter and the lamps are powered by three AA batteries (not included), and also include an AC/DC adapter. Approximately 30 cm high 50449 $49.95 or $24.98 x 2 months SIT-ON SCROLL FRAME Portable, durable sit-on frame has a wide, firm base. Adjusts in height from 30 to 46 cm and includes a 46 x 22 cm split rail scroll frame. 10865 $79.00 or $19.75 x 4 months RAINBOW EMBROIDERY SCISSORS Pack includes two pairs of 9 cm titanium alloy embroidery scissors with a rainbow finish. 50459 $12.95 ONLY $99 Spend $100 & then you can buy this for EXCLUSIVE OFFER! See back cover for more details Tabletop Jigsaw Puzzle Board Save $80 CALL NOW ON 1300 361 126 OR TURN TO PAGE 51 TO ORDER 59