Fox Collection Christmas 2019

MAGNIFER LAMP WITH TRAY A versatile lamp that converts from a standing light to a desk lamp. With a 2X magnifier the lamp also features 21 bright LEDs for powerful illumination, a clip arm for holding patterns, an accessory tray with repositionable dividers, and integrated switch with dimmer function and AC/DC adapter. 38308 $129.00 or $32.25 x 4 months STITCHSMART The perfect partner for needlework, this modern metal stand is practical, stable and height adjustable, and holds your frame firmly in position with its strong jaw. Its unique swivel feature lets you lift and rotate the frame 360 degrees. An essential addition to the StitchSmart stand is the magnifying lamp & chartholder (sold separately). The flexible arm lamp comes with Daylight™ LEDs and a 1.75X (3 diopter) removable magnifier plus a removable flexible arm clamp for holding your charts and patterns. Frame not included. Save $31! 44939 StitchSmart Stand $169.00 44938 Magnifying Lamp & Chartholder $139.00 StitchSmart Stand and Magnifying Lamp & Chartholder $277.00 or $55.40 x 5 months Buy stand and attachments 8091 S mall 9 cm long, 2 x 1.5 cm finger hole s $9.95 6749 Large 11.5 cm long, 2.5 x 2 cm finger holes $18.95 STORK EMBROIDERY SCISSORS Traditional stork scissors in two sizes, hand-craft ed in Europe, precision steel, gold-plated , with pouch. 44465 5 cmWhite $19.95 44466 5 cm Cream $19.95 44467 7 cmWhite $23.95 44468 7 cm Cream $23.95 AIDA BAND Fabulous 16-count Aida trims with finished edge, for towels, pillowcases, bookmarks, garments and more. The 5-metre packs of band are available in two widths and two colours. Thread organiser included. LAP STAND WITH SPLIT RAIL SCROLL FRAME This convenient lap stand allows you to work with both hands free for better stitch control. Adjustabl e to different heights and widths, the stand comes complete with an 23 x 61 cm split rail scroll frame which will fit fabric up to 53 cm wide. Perfect for use in your favourite chair, couch, bed, atop a table, or in the car. 50604 $49.95 or $24.98 x 2 months ROSE GOLD SET Rose gold premium 10 cm embroidery scissors with a strong fine sharp point and right handed grip, plus a matching thimble. 62737 $16.95 NEEDLE THREADERS You ca n never have too many needle threaders on hand. Pack in cludes two tapestry needle threaders with thread cutter, and two standard threaders. 62730 $13.95 60 THE FOX COLLECTION - THE CATALOGUE FOR NEEDLEWORKERS AND CRAFTERS