Fox Collection Christmas 2019

HANDI CLA MP SCROLL FRA ME SET The easiest scroll f rame you will ever use! Works w ithout tapes, tacks, sewing or sp lit dowels. Clamp scroll frames are lig htweight, simple to load and easy to advance. Pack includes two each o f 15 cm and 2 0 cm spreaders; t wo each of 2 0 cm, 36 cm and 5 1 cm scroll rods with clamps; eight wooden ball knobs, and eight washers. 48862 $99.00 or $24.75 x 4 months LIGHTED MAGNIFIER This hands-free triple lens magnifier includes three optical quality interchangeable super sharp lenses (1.6X, 2X and 2.25X), and features an adjustable visor that swings up and down but can be locked in place. It also has an adjustable LED light, and batteries are included. 46928 $59.95 or $29.98 x 2 months PATTERN & CHART MARKERS Never lose your place on charts and patterns. These handy magnetised markers from Clover simply slip over the edge of your page and are held in place by magnets. Includes two markers 30 cm and 21 cm long. 38801 $21.95 EMBROIDER Y WALLET A handy storage w allet for organising thread and needlework tools. Features a h eavy duty zipper and two lar ge see-through packe ts for storing pattern s and small projects. Pictured contents not included. 27 x 16 x 5 cm 60472 $14.95 CRAFT CUTTERS A trio of pocket-size cutters that fit in the palm of your hand and feature a clever hidden blade for safety. An essential craft tool, ideal for travellers. Pack of three each 6 x 5 cm 60817 $14.95 Grooves and rods to hold fabric NURGE ADJUSTABLE FRAMES Beautiful wooden adjustable tension frames fromTurkey. These quality frames have nuts on either side so you can adjust your work to the desired tension. Lightweight and made from fine beechwood, these sought after frames are an essential tool for every serious stitcher. The dowels have grooves and rods to hold your fabric in place. 60056 45 x 30 cm $299.00 or $59.80 x 5 months 60057 60 x 30 cm $325.00 or $65.00 x 5 months 60058 75 x 30 cm $350.00 or $70.00 x 5 months Adjust tension SUPER BRIGHT LED MAGNIFIER With 18 LEDs and a built-in 3X magnifier, this super bright folding lamp measures 13 x 7 x 6 cm and extends to 25 cm. A snap cover keeps the magnifier clean and clear while not in use and the touch power switch offers three different levels of brightness. Powered by a USB cord or three AAA batteries (not included). 50031 $29.95 45569 28 x 28 cm $16.95 45568 43 x 28 cm $18.95 PLASTIC SNAP FRAMES Easy to use and great value, these plastic frames are a simple and effective way to secure your fabric for stitching whether you are cross stitching or quilting. Available in two sizes. CALL NOW ON 1300 361 126 OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE 61