Fox Collection Christmas 2019

CRAZY TRIOS With these Addi needle trios of flexible double-pointed knitting needles, you can knit even the smallest diameters without getting tired. Distribute your stitches over two needles and knit with the third. With a basic and a lace tip, you can work with any type of yarn. These are also great for cable stitch. Made in Germany. Set of three each 21 cm. $39.95 each or buy two $71.90 or $17.98 x 4 months SAVE $8 62499 2 mm 62500 2.25 mm 50610 2.5 mm  62501 2.75 mm 50611 3 mm 62502 3.25 mm 50612 3.5 mm 62503 3.75 mm 50613 4 mm 62504 4.5 mm 62505 5 mm ARMOUR CR OCHET H OOKS SE T Th e popular Clo ver Armour cro chet hooks are available in a set of nine. 40669 $8 9.00 or $2 2.25 x 4 m onths ADDINOVEL SQUARE NEEDLE Lace knitting needles with an ergonomic square design for effortless knitting. With their square shape, rounded edges and textured surface, they allow the yarn to glide easily, reducing hand pain and allowing more precise knitting. Available in five sizes, with an 80 cm cable. $21.95 each ROTATING DOUBLE KNIT LOOM A brand new concept in loom knitting! Knit on a rotating, elevated base, and keep all your work in one spot. The loom moves as you knit and the pegs have grooves on both sides for more knitting options. The loom is 23 cm in diameter, stands 20 cm high, and the parts snap together for easy assembly. Great for hats, cowls, scarves and shawls. With the loom toppers you can create bigger knits with the rotating loom by snapping them onto the legs of the rotating base. Each peg now has double sided grooves for more knitting options. The loom holders convert the rotating loom into a universal loom holder. Most round, long and rectangular looms will work on the rotating base. 62047 Yarn Bowl Features a rubberised ring to prevent slipping, and a scalloped edge to direct your yarn, plus a skein hole to feed larger fibres. $26.95 YARNVALET Stylish, simple and totally indispensable products for every knitter and crocheter. These quality yarn tools are great for using at home, but are lightweight and portable enough to take with you to a knit night or your favourite coffee shop. 62048 Yarn Dispenser Ensures your yarn is released at the perfect tension, and also features a gauge ruler, stitch marker holders and a slot to hold your pattern. $29.95 62743 Rotating Loom Includes rotating base, inner loom with 52 pegs, outer loom with 52 pegs, legs, instructions, projects and knit hook. $109.00 or $27.25 x 4 months 62750 3mm 62751 3.5mm 62752 4mm 62753 4.5mm 62754 5mm THE CROCHET MASTER Zippered carrying case with 16 steel crochet hooks ranging in size from .75 mm to 3.5 mm and 8 aluminium hooks 3.25 m m to 6.5 mm. 24149 $27.95 62744 Loom Toppers Includes an inner loom with 60 pegs and an outer loom with 60 pegs. $55.95 or $27.98 x 2 month 62745 Loom Holders Includes three loom holder connectors and three elastic fabric bands. $23.95 CALL NOW ON 1300 361 126 OR TURN TO PAGE 51 TO ORDER 63