Fox Collection Christmas 2019

61509 Nostalgic Christmas II Makes 12 embossed cards and 12 gift tags 61510 Best Friends Christmas Makes 12 embossed cards and 12 gift tags 61508 Deluxe Children & Pets Makes 12 cards & 12 mini cards 47588 3D Flower Gardens Makes 12 cards 49890 3D Christmas Deluxe Makes 12 cards 3D CHRISTMAS CARD KITS These beautiful 3D greeting card packs from Reddy have everything you need to create the cards pictured and more. Packs contain cards, envelopes, foam adhesive pads, some with stickers, and 3D decoupage sheets to layer. Instructions and examples are included. $29.95 each or buy two $53.90 or $26.95 x 2 months Buy two SAVE $6 36484 Traditional Christmas Makes 16 cards ORDER BY PHONE, MAIL OR ONLINE WITH DELIVERY DIRECT TO YOU 65