Fox Collection Christmas 2019

FLOWER CARDS ON TRANSPARENT PAPER Create these fine floral cards on transparent paper. Kit includes transparent flower designs, scored folding cards 10.5 x 14.8 cm and envelopes, labels and borders, insert cards and detailed instructions. Makes 10 cards. 61535 $18.95 3D DECOUPAGE CARD TOPPERS Fabulous 3D decoupage designs with a luxurious glitter finish. The pre-cut pieces are easy to put together using 3D glue or adhesive foam. Each pack has 10 themed designs to make 10 cards. Each design is approximately 8 x 8 cm. $10.95 each or buy two $17.90 49885 Xmas 49886 Candles 49888 Lanterns 49883 Xmas Trees Buy two SAVE $4 49283 Wine Tasting 49659 Wedding Couples 49662 Sports & Hobby 49917 Cute Cats 61168 Jobs 61167 Landscapes 61169 Eat & Drink 61166 Spring Wreaths SUMMER FLOWER COTTAGES A 3D card kit that has all you need to make the cards pictured. Includes pre-printed cards 20 x 9 cm, DL envelopes, backing papers, 3D decoupage sheets and more. Makes 8 cards 61534 $18.95 VINTAGE BOOK CARDS Create lovely vintage themed book style cards with magnetic closure. You can add one page or many inside your creation to make a booklet, diary, journal, photo album or book of poems. Everything required to make the cards pictured is included with instructions, except tools and adhesive. Makes six cards or booklets. 13.9 x 11.4 cm 61163 $29.95 CHRISTMASTEXT Twelve assorted text stickers i n holographic colours. 10 x 23 c m 47170 $10.95 49887 Xmas Flowers Make it yourself with love CALL NOW ON 1300 361 126 OR TURN TO PAGE 51 TO ORDER 67