Fox Collection Christmas 2019

B. 47014 Flowers Gift Bags PAPER SHELVES Stylish white organiser to hold all your papers. Requires assembly. 34 x 32 x 28 cm 49102 $49.95 or $24.98 x 2 months PAPER FLOWERS CHINESE STYLE Paper flower making is a centuries old Chinese art and this beautiful book has over 24 flowers and compositions to create. Includes step-by-step colour photographs and clear instructions. 200 pages hardcover 61205 $34.95 NOTE PAD WITH PEN Handy to-do or shopping list lined note pads with padded cover and pen that attaches on top. A must-have item that makes a great gift! 11 x 20 cm $12.95 each B C D 38691 Gold 38690 Multi A. 49891 Christmas Gift Bags A CHRISTMAS GIFT BAGS These gorgeous gift bags from Reddy are easy to make. With printed templates presented in book form, you simply cut out your chosen design and fold as instructed. Add glitter and embellishments for extra flair and ribbon for handles (not included). Makes 12 bags 13 x 8 x 5.5 cm. $12.95 each DOUBLE-SIDED STICKYTAPE Permanently bond just about anything around the home with this ultra sticky double-sided tape. Perfect for attaching heavy embellishments, it is also suitable for delicate projects. Pack includes four 10-metre rolls, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm wide. 40943 $18.95 Enjoy monthly payment terms on selected products! A B STITCH & DO KITS Create three beautiful 3D cards with a stitched design border. Kits include embroidery thread, card layers imprinted with design ready to stitch, cards, decoupage sheets to layer for 3D effects and instructions. 13.5 x 13.5 cm $14.95 each or buy two $27.90 SAVE $2 A. 61548 Flowers & Baubles B. 61549 Bells & Birds C. 61550 Traditional Christmas D. 61551 White Christmas PAPER MONOGRAMS Learn to craft gorgeous works of art from strips of rolled paper. This kit includes step-by-step instructions to form every letter of the alphabet, along with the most popular quilled shapes, and it has a quilling tool and quilling paper strips in multiple colours to get you started. 61553 $27.95 PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR AMAZING OFFERS! 73