Fox Collection Christmas 2019

HOW TO DRAW NEARLY EVERYTHING This comprehensive book is suitable for beginners and covers all of the basics, as well as the most common subjects. Draw figures, faces, landscapes, trees, flowers, and animals, with tips on composition, shading, and perspective. 160 pages 49714 $27.95 LEE HAMMOND’S ALL NEW BIG BOOK OF DRAWING Easy and accessible instructions will teach you everything you need to create realistic drawings right away! This book is a must have for every aspiring artist. It includes two large sections, one for graphite drawing and one for colour pencils. 224 pages 61593 $43.95 or $21.98 x 2 months 61024 Animal Trios 61022 Friendly Animals B 49611 Garden Blooms DRAWING ANIME AMAZING GIRLS With these easy-to-follow templates, anyone can create and draw absolutely amazing female anime characters. Learn all the ins and outs of drawing stunning manga heroines, schoolgirls, and fantasy characters! 144 pages 49713 $29.95 A. 61592 Cats B. 61002 Flowers C. 61590 Fantasy D. 61591 Birds MANGA MANIA UNIVERSE This mega volume showcases the best in capturing manga girls, romantic characters, scenes, and action and adventure. Includes a wid e variety of how-to-draw instructions, along with the dynamic artwork that has made this series so popular. 304 pages 61589 $37.95 A DOT-TO-DOT Each of these books contains 30 complex connect-the-dot puzzles which feature hundreds of dots that eventually reveal eye opening pictures of flowers or nature. When finished it’s easy to double your fun by colouring the finished designs. 64 pages $14.95 each or buy two $26.90 SAVE $3 D C SKETCHING MADE EASY These fun easy-to-sketch portraits are great for new and inexperienced artists. You simply shade and highlight a pre-printed art board to create your design. Each set includes a pre-printed board, pencils, sharpener and eraser. 29 x 39 cm $16.95 each or buy two $30.90 SAVE $3 A. 61594 Dalmatians B. 61595 Puppies & Wagon C. 61596 Horse & Colt B C A COLOUR-BY-NUMBERS Lovely themed designs in a variety pack of four colour-by-number projects. Simply colour over the printed sketche s using the numbers as a guide for each colour. Includes four printed art boards, 24 colour pencils, two sharpeners and easy instructions. Set of four each 23 x 30 cm $26.95 each or buy two $48.90 or $24.45 x 2 months SAVE $5 CALL NOW ON 1300 361 126 OR TURN TO PAGE 51 TO ORDER 79