Fox Collection Christmas 2019

THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAYS TO LIVE LONGER Don’t just live longer - live better! This book provides a road map to a longer, healthier life, advocating key strategies for the food, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments that will keep you going stronger and longer. With these strategies, you can win the battle against aging. 272 pages 61598 $39.95 PRACTICAL BASKETRY Basketry is experiencing a resurgence of popularity, and is enjoying an exciting comeback at the hands of a new and dynamic generation of crafters who are not afraid to experiment with mixing materials a nd techniques. 157 pages 61599 $ 42.95 or $21.48 x 2 months SEASONAL SCANDI CRAFTS The four chapters in this book cover a wide range of crafts including collage, embroidery, painting and sewing that take inspiration from Scandinavian seasonal traditions to bring magic to your year. 128 pages 61600 $34.95 HOME SAUSAGE MAKING This revised and updated 4th edition of the best-selling classic features detailed sausage-making instructions for a range of techniques, and 100 recipes for pork, beef, lamb, veal, wild game, poultry, seafood, and vegetarian sausages; plus 100 recipes for cooking with sausage. 376 Pages 49542 $49.95 or $24.98 x 2 months THIS IS NOT A MAZE The artist turns animals and objects into interlocking hidden shapes, waiting to be discovered. Each design comes with an introductory page that lists all the objects to be found, creating a colouring experience with a brainteaser. 35 pages 49314 $24.95 THE 8-WEEK BLOOD SUGAR DIET A revolutionary new approach that enables you to lose weight fast and re-program your body. Type-2 diabetes is common but you can prevent and even reverse the condition. This book will enable you to regain your health and be medication free. 304 pages 47703 $29.95 TONG SING THE CHINESE BOOK OF WISDOM Every Chinese home has a copy of this traditional almanac that has been published annually for 1200 years. It is a source of information on everything from astrology to herbal remedies, and Confucius to the interpretation of dreams. Possession of a copy is believed to bring good fortune. Updated Edition. 288 pages 49569 $29.95 THE COMPLETE BRAIN EXERCISE BOOK Train your brain to increase your mental speed, visual acuity, language acquisition, sensory growth, and motor skills. Includes 100 entertaining and engaging brain exercises and puzzles, and as diet and nutrition is absolutely integral, it also features brain food lists, recipes and menu plans. 384 pages 47877 $29.95 CRAFT & HOBBY LIBRARY BIG BOOK OF SCROLL SAW WOODWORKING Whether you’re a beginner or have experience with woodworking, you will be inspired by this book. It is full of ingenious ideas, designs and detailed patterns to help you master the projects featured in the beautiful book. 189 pages 49430 $39.95 Try a new hobby today MAKING INVENTIVE WOODEN TOYS Build 33 easy-to-make wooden action toys that bring science to life and actually demonstrate the laws of physics right before your eyes. These creative projects are perfect for kids and parents to build together. 184 pages. 61228 $34.95 POWER CARVING MANUAL Take your carving to the next level with step-by-step projects and expert advice. Includes a stunning gallery of finished work to inspire you, and 16 fantastic projects with step-by-step instructions and colour photos. 167 pages 61597 $39.95 GET STARTED IN LEATHER CRAFTING Discover leather crafting, a craft that lasts a lifetime. Learn all the basics of preparation, tools, stamping, tooling, carving, edge treatment, forming, moulding, embossing, colouring, finishing, stitching, lacing, braiding and more. 48 pages 49728 $24.95 80 THE FOX COLLECTION - THE CATALOGUE FOR NEEDLEWORKERS AND CRAFTERS