Fox Collection Christmas 2019

BALD ERDASH Balderdash i s a hilarious bluffing board game in which you try to con your oppone nts into believing made up answers to a weird and wonderful collection of words, people, initials, films and laws. Fun for all the family. For two to six players. 61602 $54.95 or $27.48 x 2 months SQUATTER The original Australian farming game that give s you the opportuni ty to win at the bu siness of running y our own sheep st ation. It’s based o n real life farming and is a mix of luck and strategy and lo ts of fun for t wo to six player s. 61604 $ 89.00 or $22.25 x 4 months BOARD GAMES STAR WAR S MONOPOLY This masterful Star Wars Saga Edition Monopoly Boar d Game includes characters from all six Star Wars movies, with se ttlements and cities inste ad of classic houses and hot els. Sith and Jedi cards t ake the place of Chance and Community Ch est. Who will beco me the ultimate master? 44260 $69.95 or $23.32 x 3 mo nths QWIRKLE The game is as simple as matching colours and shapes with wooden tiles, but it also requires tactical manoeuvres and a w ell-planned strategy. The player with th e most points wins! For two to four players. 61603 $49.95 or $24.98 x 2 months CHINE SE CHECKE RS A classic fun family board game for tw o to six players . Solid wood construction. Board 29 cm . 39167 $49.9 5 or $24.98 x 2 months GRANDM A STER CHESS S E T This fantasti c Ka sparov Grandmaster to urnament sized chess set is an amazing collector’s piece that can b e used as an artistic display o r for regular play. The attracti ve extra-large 10.8 cm silver a nd bronze pieces are a pleasure t o set down on the generously size d solid wood board with a premium finish. Includes an instruction manual with playing strategie s. 52 x 52 cm 613 17 $299.00 or $59. 80 x 5 months GAME OF THRONES MONOPOLY A new edition of The Game of Thrones Monopoly for both Game of Thrones and Monopoly lovers. It features the theme song that plays if you push a button on the box and has been updated in 2019 with all the infamous locations from the HBO series. For two to six players. 61601 $67.95 or $22.65 x 3 months GR EED, THE GAME OF ALL OR NOTHING The al l or nothing dice game that’s quick to learn and impossible to put down! Any nu mber of people can play, taking turns to roll the dice and accumulate points . Includes six Greed dice, felt playing mat, score pad and rules of the game. For ages 10 yea rs to adul t. 47937 $26.9 5 ONE LOW DELIVERY FEE NO MATTER HOW MANY ITEMS YOU ORDER! 81