Fox Collection Christmas 2019

TRAVEL, LEARN , EXPLORE PARIS Discover lots of interestin g things about Paris. Ki t includes a book full o f facts and a colourful jigsa w puzzle with 140 pieces , plus 3D pieces that ar e inserted to complet e your fun exploratio n experience. 496 12 W AS $35.95, NOW $21.57 GHOSTBUSTERS MONOPOLY Save the world from paranormal activity! Sculpted ghost traps and storage units to hold the spooks at bay. No job is too big and no fee is too high in this custom edition of Monopo ly inspired by the movie! 47230 WAS $44.5 0, NOW $26.70 LITTLE CHRISTMAS COTTAGE Create this cute wooden cottage by slotting pieces together. Paint and decorate to your own style. Requires assembl y, glue paint and embellis hments not included. Asse mbled size 19 x 28 cm 47 055 WAS $19.95, NO W $11.97 GENERAL CRAFT SALE 40% OFF STARWARS MONOPOLY This 40th Anniversary special edition celebrates the original Star Wars Movie. Players will relive the story of Star Wars as they travel around the board competing to own it all! 49004 WAS $129.00, NOW $77.40 STU DIO 71 DU A L TIP MARK E RS Markers wi th dual tips , f or thick an d thin line s. WERE $ 27. 95, NOW $ 16. 77 each A C B D A. 61010 Water-Based Basic Colours B. 61011 Water-Based Pastel Colours C. 61012 Water-Based Vintage Colours D. 61013 P ermanent Basic Colours LED STRING LIGHTS WITH CLIPS Festive battery- powered LED lights feature a convenient 4-hour timer and have clips that are perfect to hang up your Christmas cards. 3 metre length, 3 x AA batteries not included. 49921 WAS $21.95, NOW $13.17 ALIENS JIGSAW PUZZLE & BOOK T his fun 100-piece jigsaw puzzle comes with a poster and a 10-page board book. Presented in a durable cardboard cylinder. 50 x 40 cm 49813 WAS $35.95, NOW $21.57 A. 49997 Airplane B. 49741 Locomotive 3D MODELSTO BUILD AND LEARN These 3D model sets from Sassi Science cleverly combines a 14-page book to help you learn the history and explore the mod el you build. Read the book and construct the cardboard model. WERE $38.95, NOW $23.37 eac h MAGIC PAINT BIBLE STORIES This colouring book includes a multi-coloured paint palette inside the cover. 16 pages 49815 WAS $10.95, NOW $6.57 A B 94 THE FOX COLLECTION - THE CATALOGUE FOR NEEDLEWOR KERS AND CRAFTERS